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Natasha Thomas
Foruminnehåll / Music in general Skriv svar | Skapa ny tråd
Skrivet den 2006-05-28 16:07:29
Hi to everybody... I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the music of Marie... I've been followed her since A teens.. I think she has a beautiful and soft voice.
I also listen Natasha Thomas... She also has a beautiful voice... I hope that someone knows her.. If not this is her website www.natashathomas.de...
Skrivet den 2006-06-13 01:40:44
If someone knows her and want to talk about her news and other stuff... Post a message....
Skrivet den 2006-07-25 19:15:59
I haven't heard any new song by her in a couple of years. Either she's released a new album which I haven't heard of or she's just released nothing just yet.
I seldom listen to "Let Me Show You The Way" & "It's Over Now".
Skrivet den 2006-08-07 23:08:52
Well you are right, she hasn't been for a while. The first single of her second album was "skin deep" she released the 18th of november of 2005. Then she released "Real" the 21th of april of 2006. Her new album was released the 26 of may of 2006 in Germany, Austria and Swiss (the same day as Marie) and now she is going to released a new single in september....
She has been promoting her new album in pubs all around Germany and now she is preparing all about the new single. Where are you from???
Well i hope that this helps you!!!!
Skrivet den 2006-09-12 12:55:22
If you are interested on know something about Natasha or you are a fan and you wanna know all the news before everyone you must join to the Natasha Thomas Forum http://forum.natashathomas.de
We are expecting all the people out there...
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