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A thought
Foruminnehåll / Life in general Skriv svar | Skapa ny tråd
Skrivet den 2006-07-16 19:46:22
I was thinking that we can write some nice words in this thread to all the ppl that are in the war in the middleeast.. One of my best friends from this site live in one city that has been bombed today.. I'm thinking about her and her family and hope that they are ok!
I know that there are more memebers from this area so if you know them are just want to say something nice to them, write it here...
Skrivet den 2006-07-16 20:46:21
I have something:

They are always in my thoughts. Whenever something happens and I hear it on the news, I get a tugging feeling in my chest. My brother-in-law is training to be a soldier, and they're sending him to Iraq or Afghanistan or something like that (I have to ask my sister) this November and I am really worried that something is going to happen to him. But every soldier and every one in the Middle East, whether enemy or not, are always in my thoughts.
Skrivet den 2006-07-17 20:25:29
These "expected events of holy war" are all in the bible of Christians , Jews and Muslims ; these are planned by God over 2000 years ago.. thats what the bible is for.. to tell you what is to be expected.. and only the believers would know because the believers knows a little bit about bibles.

All I can say to the muslims and jews who are in war at the moment.... trash your bibles.. you don't have to follow all the rules.. loosen up a little !! make sweet love to each other ! If your bible says "you must invade and reclaim the land" -- let it go !! how greedy can u get ??

If I become the future Inter-galactic President, I would snatch that piece of land that both sides are reclaiming.. and just blow it up .. end of story ! Cuz giving that land to another race will eventually create civil war.. so blowing it up completely is the best way.
Skrivet den 2006-07-17 20:35:36
just blow them bollocky Muslims up as they are the ones who can't live in piece with anyone that doesn't convert to their medievil retarded religion.
Skrivet den 2006-07-17 20:59:46
Bib. even I wouldn't be part of the Muslims lol . To the Christians they are weird people who believe in a Religion thats Not even about God. even though i respect them I wouldn't be a muslim. And this new war thats starting is the Cause of Muslims there Just mad. and the nexts thing we know it the U.S. troops might be going over there to stop it or whatever
Skrivet den 2006-07-17 23:09:12
I didn't want this thread to be a disccuission about religons and the bibel and so on.. All I wanted was that we could send a thought to the members of this site that is living in theese areas.. But apperntly we couldn't do that without start blaming muslims and so on.. so I close this thread with sadness that we can not care about eachother..
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