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South of Nowhere
Foruminnehåll / Life in general Skriv svar | Skapa ny tråd
Skrivet den 2006-07-18 04:17:15
I don't recall if someone has made a post about this show already, but I thought I would. You see, South of Nowhere is my guilty pleasure. It's like a lame teen drama type thing, for those of you who haven't watched it, but I love it for some ungodly reason. Well, I do think it's infinitely more realistic than something like, say, Degrassi where they push the "rebel teen" thing a little too much. And SoN also has a heck of a lot less main characters. And it portrays the things one encounters in a larger, growing city better than most other teen dramas. But I wonder why one would want to watch a "realistic" show, if one has to live real life at all hours of the day, anyway. Oh, well, I guess it's just unrealistic enough to be very entertaining.

The dialogue is sometimes so awesome, I don't know what to do: laugh or feel disturbed. For example:
"I could use a break [from my new boyfriend]."
"I'm listening."
"That's because you still love me."
"No, that's because I'm a whore."

I love it. And the ceaseless flirting between Spencer and Ashley (the two most prominent characters) makes for awesome dialogue, as well, and it also happens to be quite realistic, I should say.

Anyway, yeah...Watch the show. Just make sure no one catches you. (Heh-heh.)

For those of you who have seen it already, share your thoughts. What do you think of the show?
Skrivet den 2006-07-18 11:56:22
Strangely, I've never heard of it... I thought you were referring to a town or city much like the place I have misfortune of calling home....
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 03:09:21
lol. I guess that describes my home, too. Can't get much more southern than where I live. I like it here, though. Shame you don't like your place.
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 03:45:39
Well you have me beat in terms of southernness as the fact is North Carolina is a Middle Atlantic State and not really "southern" geogrpahically; however; it is Southern Culturally and I absolutely detest it with a passion Anyway, if people weren't so rotten here and left One alone it wouldn't be so bad but such is not the case and I am not happy to live the area.....
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 03:56:23
Yeah, I hear southern folk are nosey and don't mind their own business. (Though North Carolina is more northern geographically than where I live, they're probably more southern culturally, like you say, since we're starting to develop reasonably large cities down here and there aren't so many hicks as there are tourists. I think, as far as cow-pokin' goes, you have us beat.)
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 04:00:21
Golly gee I am so thrilled to have you beat in cowpokin'! THanks.. Next thing you'll have relegated me to redneck hill billy status....
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 04:06:37
Just joking, you know. Though I did meet this girl while I was in high school who was from one of the Carolinas and, man, she was southern. So very southern. So very bull-branding, horse-riding, campfire-song-singing, heavily-accented southern. Though she didn't really do all those things, of course, she just sounded like she did. She preferred riding boys to riding bulls.
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 05:00:51
What did you say her address is....????? Hahahahahaha..

Really it's no telling which "carolina" she came from both of them are southern, hickish, backward and oppressive but my best guest it/was North carolina as there is more a cowboy culture here than in SC...
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