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Help Me Please!
Foruminnehåll / Life in general Skriv svar | Skapa ny tråd
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 18:57:27

I whant you all to help me, see i i was gonna get a dog few years ago, but my grandma`s mother died. So everybody forget that i was gonna get a dog, and the canceled it! They sad that i was gonna get one but they sad that they don`t whant a dog around so after a month i went to the shop and i buy me a Rabbit. I was happy becouse it was the first time i`ve got a pet.

After months and years my rabbit and i was like best friends, but then My mom sad that i must give him back. I was like sooo confused! I dinint know why?

So now i am lonely whitout any pet! I whant a cat or a dog!
But i really cat have a dog becouse i come from school at 4 o clock and my mom is on her work.
so i whant a cat, it`s easy to have a cat becouse i dont need to go out whit it, yes sometimes but not 5 times a day.

Sa my point is: Please help me so i can say som reason to hav a cat and that i can take care of him!

Please Help!
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 20:06:47
it basically takes care of itself. All you gotta do is feed it, play w/ it, let it outside if it does like to go out, and possibly clean the litterbox...I'm not sure cause I don't have a cat. My friends do, so...
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 20:52:44
blah, cat hair *shivers*
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 20:55:13
i know...that's why I'm allergic to long haired cats
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 22:29:17
i would suggest you go with your mommie to a friend's house with cute kitten. Then maybe your mom will fall in love with cute kitten and will agree to get one for your home :)

or.. show her some pictures of cute kittens from the website.. if she say "AWEE HOW CUTE".. then theres a chance :)
Skrivet den 2006-07-19 22:50:01
If you want a cat, here's what you do to take care of it:

Outside cat: feed it, water it, take care of it, let it in when it gets cold at night during the winter, clean its crap outta the floor when it comes in, get it fixed

Inside cat: feed it in a bowl, water it in a bowl, get it a litter box with odor-reducing crystals, 'cause cat crap stinks, clean out that litter box, get it some toys, like yarn, things that tinkle, kitty nip mice, things like that, love it, care for it, get it fixed

That's basically it. I've had cats before, and you really need to watch where you step when you go outside if it turns into an outside cat.
Skrivet den 2006-07-20 11:28:33
o thanks! more?
Skrivet den 2006-07-20 20:16:23
BibFortuna skrev:
blah, cat hair *shivers*

Haha yeah I have a long haired cat and theres cat hair all over the place and it's so annoying but I still love her.
Skrivet den 2006-07-21 05:32:23
if ur mom still wont let u have a pet cat, try doing it slowly.. gradually..

first .. get a pet fish.. then after a month.. get a catfish.. then.. a cat
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