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Foruminnehåll / Life in general
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Skrivet den 2006-07-30 16:10:48
BibFortuna skrev:

is there anyone else that does not like to shop during sales?

me me me ME ME me me me but that pertains just to clothing stores cuz I shop online for my electronics / music / toys needs. But if I see something on the advertisement that got a really good deal (even electronics), I usually go there really really early :)

but yea .. back 2 the clothing thingy.. my sis always suggest washing the newly purchased clothings before wearing em.. or else.. you'll smell like 10,000 people :)
Skrivet den 2006-07-30 19:32:32
Experiment-626 skrev:
Sensei skrev:
Experiment-626 skrev:
Sensei skrev:
Experiment-626 skrev:
Sensei skrev:
I walk slowly pass sniffing and window shopping (triple slow when passing Victoria's )

OMG OMG OMG !! we used to go 2 Victoria Secret and poke the manequins boobie and just laugh and laugh I have also positioned my head on top of a manequin's neck (those with no head) and have my friends or cousins take picture of me

Thank God!!!

That was you I saw. I thought I was seeing things and had finally gone over the deep end or should stop mixing Jack and Kool Aid.... and since I lead such a miserable exsistence...Jack and Kool are all I have left....

yea that was me :) and i hope u didn't see me coughing hairball !! cuz inside the store we played truth or dare and i had 2 swallow some furry bikini thats made of bukakee ! ahahha

I hope you are aware that you are well on your way to one day being known as a complete kinky freak....

I am Pookie of the Sea and I'm a kinky freak student. My kinky freak teacher is sensei :) hallo kinky freak teacher

Me?..... Golly Gee Whiz .. Thanks
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